Bongs and vaporizers are only two of the various ways that cannabis may be ingested to produce an intoxicating high. As marijuana is legalised more widely, users are responding to market demand by developing new ways to consume it beyond the traditional methods of smoking and eating. Inhaling cannabis vapour via a pipe or bong are two such methods. It’s natural to wonder, “How can a bong work with a vape?” With an in-depth look at the core elements of each tactic, this book delivers an inarguable solution to the problem at hand.

Which Is Better, a Bong or a Vape?

While both bongs and vaporizers in tokeplanet’s vaporizer shop may produce intoxication, the means by which they do so are quite different. The process of smoking marijuana using a bong involves placing the marijuana in the bong bowl, lighting it on fire, and then inhaling the smoke. Instead of burning or combusting the marijuana, as is done with conventional smoking techniques, a vape device only heats it. Therefore, the THC in the cannabis is inhaled directly rather than via the smoke produced after combustion. But let’s go further into the key differences between these two strategies so you can make an informed decision. A bong is a specific kind of water pipe that may be used to inhale the smoke produced by burning marijuana.

Using the Bubbler

A billy or bubbler is another common name for this item. The smoke from the cannabis plant must be inhaled before its effects may be felt. The shape, size, and materials used to make bongs may vary greatly. In reality, the glass tube bong is the most classic bong design, and it is the most prevalent means of smoking cannabis in Thailand. A bong has two main parts: the bowl and the chamber. Some of the most high-end and cutting-edge bong designs have multicoloured lighting that comes on as you inhale cannabis smoke.

The last Word

Just add water to the bong’s base when you’re ready to smoke some weed. When the cannabis is burned, the smoke rises through the water and into the chambers, where it is cooled and filtered. Since a vaporizer does not actually burn the cannabis before breathing the vapour, it functions somewhat differently than typical smoking devices. A vaporizer from tokeplanet’s vaporizer shop heats marijuana at a much lower temperature and at a much slower rate than other techniques. This eliminates the need to burn the cannabis, which might cause toxic smoke, and instead allows the cannabinoids and terpenes to be extracted into a vapour. Depending on the vaping equipment, you may use either dried cannabis flower or cannabis concentrate. A higher-priced vaporizer will often include a temperature control feature, allowing you to regulate the quantity of cannabinoids and terpenes produced.