PMK founder S. Ramadoss said amended legislation to ban online gambling was the only solution and urged the State government to bring in an ordinance immediately and pass legislation in the next Assembly session in March. The Chief Minister has said the State government has appealed in the Supreme Court against a Madras High Court order quashing the law enacted to ban online gambling by the previous AIADMK regime, and the hearing is going on. Soon they will put an end to online gambling, Mr. Ramadoss said. In a statement, he welcomed Chief Minister M K Stalin’s announcement in the Assembly that the State government would soon put an end to online gambling but pointed out that the current approach wouldn’t fetch the desired results.

Till a judgment is passed, we cannot allow people to lose money and end their lives by suicide, Mr. Ramadoss said while calling for the amended legislation. Even in 2016, Supreme Court has ruled against the Tamil Nadu government on the issue, Mr. Ramadoss said. There have been no signs of the Supreme Court taking the appeal for hearing. Since the introduction of blockchain technology in business, many things have changed. In recent years, several “altcoins” have also followed in the footsteps of BTC and become somewhat widespread in the offshore gaming world. For instance, some years ago, nobody knew about social networking sites and their potentials, but today we have seen how powerful and rewarding some sites are.

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