Rummy game is rightly described as a game of skill, because it requires and inculcates several skills in us. This, and many other reasons, why lakhs of people play online rummy regularly over other card games. Many people who have never played it before, also decide to try their hand and get this thrilling experience. But, often it is not straightforward for them, as they have to know all the Indian rummy rules, terminologies, how it works, etc. are you facing these difficulties right now? Worry not! Following are the common terms used in online rummy game that you should know of:


A deck has 52 cards plus 2 printed jokers. It is divided into 4 suits having 13 cards in them each. The suits are named as: Diamonds, Spades, Hearts, and Clubs. They type of cards are:

  1. Number Cards: they have numbers on them, from 2 to 10. Their points are calculated as per their number value. For e.g. a card of 9 spades will carry 9 points, a card of 3 hearts will carry 3 points, etc.
  2. Picture Cards: these are A – Ace, K – King, Q – Queen, and J – Joker. Each of these card carries 10 points in the rummy online game.
  3. Low Point Cards: The number cards from 2 to 5 are called as low point cards.
  4. High Point Cards: similarly, the high point cards are those whose value is 6 to 10.
  5. Joker Cards: Each deck contains 2 to 3 printed Joker cards. They don’t have any point value. Another type of joker exists, called a ‘Wild Card Joker’ or ‘Pulled Out Joker’. When a player pulls out a random card from the deck, it becomes the wild card joker. If you pulled out 5 of clubs, then 5 of other 3 suits will also become a ‘pulled out joker’.


  1. Full Hand: if the rival player finished his hand before you completed your ‘life’, then your hand is full hand.
  2. Life: the minimum arrangement of cards until which you have maximum points or a full hand is called life.
  3. First Drop: if you have got bad cards in the beginning, then you can quit. It’s called First Drop when you quit before the 1st card is played. You will incur minimum points (usually it is 20 points).
  4. Second Drop: when you quit any time after the first card is played, it is called as the Second Drop. In this case, you will incur double the points than from the first drop.
  5. Wrong show: when you declare your cards before finishing all the sequences/sets, then it is called as Wrong Show. In this case, you get a points penalty equivalent to the value of cards that are not in any sequence or set.


  1. Sequences: An arrangement of cards is called a sequence. It is of 2 types: Pure sequence, in which 3 or more running cards of the same suit, without the joker, are made. Impure sequence, which can have the joker card.
  2. Melds: cards of same value, but different suits, arranged in 3 or 4, is called a meld. For e.g. 7 of Hearts, Spades, Clubs, and even Diamonds, is called a meld.
  3. Groups: when you select any random 3 or more cards and keep together, then it is called as a ‘group’.

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