During the week, Ukai continues to help the remaining members of the workforce prepare as greatest they can for the Spring Tournament. Even as Karasuno is positioned to close in on the point gap, Shimada feels on edge as Nekoma seems to have the upper hand. Regardless that Karasuno managed to shake off their very own nerves after Yamaguchi’s neglected serve, Shimada still notices how they’re shopping for time till the inevitable unless they manage to show things around. Inspiring and comforting are the primary things we always need to give our buyers, the Haikyuu followers. Within its prefecture, its chief rivals are Aoba Johsai Highschool, Date Tech Highschool, and Shiratorizawa Academy. Osamu Miya Miya Osamu is a second-12 months student at Inarizaki Highschool and a wing spiker for the volleyball team.

Atsumu Miya Miya Atsumu is a second-yr scholar and the workforce’s setter. Rintarō Suna Suna Rintarō is a second-year pupil and a middle blocker. When specializing in Ushijima, Ukai remarks that his good form makes it look like he’s floating. As Karasuno starts to think they’ll lose, Ukai yells at them to look up, as volleyball is a sport where you’ve got to keep your head up. Later, Ukai feedback that the task virtually begins while shirabu is in the back row and Ushijima is within the entrance, as this is when Shiratorizawa’s offense shines. Ukai remarks that Tsukishima doesn’t often make mistakes, how there are some events where he does.

At noticing that Kageyama hadn’t been capable of getting a service ace off of Nekoma, Yamaguchi hopes that he will have the ability to be the one to perform this. I hope you will have so much joy and satisfaction with Haikyuu Merchandise Retailer. His long hair, large stature, and spectacular strength make him intimidating to others at first; to his chagrin, gamers from other colleges even attribute his energy to him secretly being a full-grown man who was held again. After Karasuno wins, Ukai goes to Tsukishima and is happy with his participant for being such a useful ally throughout the match. When Narita is subbed out, Ukai praises him Haikyuu Official Merchandise for being so calm regardless of enjoying against such a strong enemy.