In Madden NFL 21, one particular position which requires a specialized player to fill in should definitely be the Tight End.

Here, Tight Ends should be able to both block oncoming rushers from disrupting your team’s offensive plays while also being able to make forward runs too, collecting passes should the need arises.

Requiring a commendable balance between brute strength and immense speed, not many players are able to adopt this particular position due to the specific requirements which follow.

In Madden Ultimate Team (MUT), there are still a few recommended players who are able to take up the role, especially if you are able to afford them for less than 10k MUT coins each.

Who are these players, you might ask? Check them out below:

1)  Corey Moore (Buffalo Bills, Campus Heroes): OVR 85

– The former Buffalo Bills end player is definitely one to watch during his prime. Although no longer in the real-world professional game, his player card is still available for you to recruit into your MUT squad, ensuring you have an awesome end player within the team.

Finesse Moves, FMV (Pass Rush): 85

Awareness, AWA (General): 84

Play Recognition, PRC (Run Defence): 84

Acceleration, ACC (General): 83

Block Shedding, BSH (Run Defence): 83

2) Everson Griffen (Dallas Cowboys, Ultimate Kickoff): OVR 85

– A current defensive end for Detroit Lions, his player card during his stay at Dallas Cowboys was still a great memory throughout his playing career. He enjoyed some of his best performances there, evident by his good stats distributions across Rush Defence and Pass Rush respectively.

Pursuit, PUR (Run Defence): 85

Power Moves, PMV (Pass Rush): 84

Strength, STR (General): 84

Acceleration, ACC (General): 83

Play Recognition, PRC (Run Defence): 82

3) Joey Bosa (Los Angeles Chargers, Team of the Week): OVR 85

– The young American end boasts great gameplay reads and pass rushes, with a great never-give-up mentality to boot. He can be a great starting addition to any MUT squad according to your preferred playstyles.

Finesse Moves, FMV (Pass Rush): 89

Awareness, AWA (General): 87

Play Recognition, PRC (Run Defence): 87

Pursuit, PUR (Run Defence): 86

Power Moves, PMV (Pass Rush): 81

4) Julius Peppers (Carolina Panthers, The 50): OVR 84

– Another retiree on this list, Julius Peppers was an impressive overall end player on the yards. His speed, athleticism, strength and mentality was all on point for an American footballer, making his player card one to strive for early in the game.

Awareness, AWA (General): 84

Play Recognition, PRC (Run Defence): 84

Strength, STR (General): 83

Finesse Moves, FMV (Pass Rush): 82

Hit Power, POW (Run Defence): 82

5) Danielle Hunter (Minnesota Vikings, Core Elite): OVR 83

– A good prospect for the next few years, Danielle Hunter has shown his credibility for gridiron football by consistently beating opposition guards and tackles when they least expect it. Having a good spread of stats distribution for his athleticism and forward plays, you would do well to keep him in your MUT books too.

Finesse Moves, FMV (Pass Rush): 84

Pursuit, PUR (Run Defence): 83

Play Recognition, PRC (Run Defence): 83

Awareness, AWA (General): 82

Acceleration, ACC (General): 82

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