Wagering requirements are a means by which the casinos protect themselves from their bonus balance being converted into real money with as little effort and risk as possible. The wagering requirement, also known as the rollover factor, states that you have to use bonuses and winnings with them several times in games before they are free to pay out. Some casinos even include the real money you deposited into this claim. You should always keep this in mind when choosing a casino with a bonus.

Usual wagering requirements that can easily be met vary between 20 and 40 uses. For example, if your bonus balance is € 100, a rollover factor of 25 means that a total of € 2,500 must be implemented. Often the casino first deducts your stakes from your real money balance, so you can only put the bonus into play when it has been used up.

The high bonuses in particular also result in a particularly high sales volume of new mobile slots. They only make sense if you play regularly and do not bet too cautiously. This is something you should keep in mind before you let any deposit bonuses impress you. It should also be noted that the wagering requirement is often not the only condition that you have to meet before you can look forward to payouts. Accordingly, a supposedly best casino bonus is also largely determined by the turnover conditions attached to it.

Period and other deadlines

Many casinos set a time limit for you to reach the sales target. 30 days should also be an acceptable period for casual gamers. If it is exceeded, the bonus and all winnings made with it can expire.

The use of the bonus itself can also be limited in time. Some casinos require you to request it within a few days of registering. In the vast majority of cases, however, it comes into force automatically after registration – unless you object to it and expressly exclude it because you do not want to mess with the wagering requirements of balloonies and others.

If you have decided on a bonus package that grants you several bonuses staggered, deadlines may also have to be observed for how much time can elapse between the individual deposits. And finally: Free spins also usually expire, often even 24 hours after they have been activated.

The weighting of the games

Now I come to the exceptions to the bonus. There is also a considerable amount of this. When wagering bonuses , online slot machines have an advantage because 100 ig are needed for the turnover of your credit – and even there there are exceptions, the casinos completely block one or the other slot for bonus money.

It is common practice to completely exclude classic table games from the use of bonuses or to allow only small amounts of them, between 5 and 25 percent. A bonus only helps to a limited extent when playing online roulette . My test showed that even friends of card games like poker, blackjack or baccarat can hardly use it. The reason for this restriction is that these classic table games are riskier than slots, scratch cards or keno because of the greater influence the player has on the casino. The operator has a lower house advantage. You will quickly see why this is the case when you read my page about blackjack on the Internet .

Maximum bets and winnings

As a rule, casinos stipulate how high the stakes can be that you can make with your bonus balance. These can be upper limits per payline for slot machines or absolute limits in euros. Sometimes they also define the bet limit as a percentage of your credit.

You also have to be prepared for restrictions on winnings from bonuses. In many cases, a limit of € 50 or € 100 applies to all winnings that you make on bonus wagering. For jackpots there  are once again special rules to be observed. The big pots can be exempt from profit restrictions – or they are generally not permitted for bonus winnings. Serious casinos always pay out winnings from a jackpot, regardless of any outstanding wagering requirements or a withdrawal limit.

Other exceptions

As already mentioned, entire game categories can be taboo for bonus wagering. For this purpose, the casinos often provide helpful tables that you can read from what is possible and what is not. If roulette is permitted, it is almost inevitable that, in the case of mutually hedging stakes such as the simultaneous red / black bet, the bonus stake is excluded.

Please also note in the overview of the payment methods whether some of them mean that you cannot claim a bonus at all. It is also important where you play. A number of countries, including the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein, can be excluded from bonus offers and promotions , as my casino bonus test revealed. With these few exceptions, the bonus offers are always valid for English players.

The most important thing about the bonus codes

They are increasingly on the decline, but still to be found: Bonus codes. As a rule, they can be used when registering and can be found quickly on the casino’s website under the keyword “promotions” or “bonus offers”. Different codes can apply to bonuses. And these online casino bonus codes can sometimes only be used for exclusive seasonal offers. So please pay attention to their validity. Pay attention to whether the bonus code has to be entered when registering or when making a deposit.